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One-on-one with the Hon Christopher Pyne


Leading political journalist, David Speers’ one-on-one with Christopher Pyne unpacked politics, polls and the drivers behind the Coalition’s electoral victory. Pyne said the election sent a clear message to politicians.

Pyne agreed that negative gearing was a factor in the election outcome, “because it showed that Labor couldn’t speak “aspirationally” to middle Australia”. While the negative gearing policy was not as important as Labor’s franking credits policy, which “energised three million retirees”, it “reminded people that Labor was the high tax, big spending party”.

Pyne said the Morrison Government’s biggest challenge ahead was managing the economy – “the last election was decided on the economy and so will the next one”.

How would the famous ‘fixer’ address the toxic debate around population, growth and housing affordability? Pyne said he is a “high population man – I always have been. I think we can take a lot more than 25 million people”.

His solution? “The state governments should release more land for sale, he said, adding that it was “crazy” policy to restrict land. “The problem with government interfering in the market is that it never works,” he said.

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Posted by Karen Jamal on September 12, 2019 12:00:00 AM AEST

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