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building sustainable cities for sustainable growth

How do achieve liveable density? Nation builder Nina Yang shared her insights.

Chief executive officer for sustainable urban development at Ascendas-Singbridge, Yang has been deeply involved in Singapore’s nation building for more than three decades. Ascendas-Singbridge operates in 29 cities in nine countries and currently holds a $20 billion global portfolio of assets under management.

Singapore grew due to its strategic location, but by the 1960s faced many challenges, access to housing and unemployment, overcrowding and traffic congestion among them.

“We have had to pack all the functions of a nation into one small island of 716 sqm,” Yang said.

Underpinned by visionary masterplanning, Singapore has built social housing for 85 per cent of the population, with ‘satellite towns’ delivering self-sustaining employment and social amenities.

World-class infrastructure, including an airport, 3,200 kilometres of roads and a rapid transit system, has connected a growing population with jobs and recreation.

“Prudent land use planning and land management has enabled Singapore to enjoy strong economic growth and social cohesion,” Yang said.

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